• AVGaS, The Alder Valley Gamers Society

    We are a club that plays Paper and Pencil roleplaying games of all types as well as table top wargames, board games and card games.

    We meet regularly three times a week so there is plenty of opportunity to come along and see for yourself
    and we are certain you will see something that will suit your taste.

    please feel free to contact us, you can click here to send an email and all our details for where and when we meet can be found on the where and when page and includes a googlemap to let you mind us easily.

  • We are eager to meet new people

    we are always look to expand our circle of friends, the games we play are as much about meeting new people, forming a social group and getting out of the house as they are about playing the games themselves

    And not only that, we are also eager to try out new games, we have had members in the club write and develope card, board and even role playing games, if you have an idea for a game or even a game system, please bring it along and we'll try it out for you.

    If you need more information please feel free to click here to send an email or call on the number provided.

  • Be Part of Our Community

    come along and join in the fun.

    Our club is as much about making new freinds and seeing new ideas and games as it is about the games, we are a relaxed and social group and are happy to chat about pretty much anything.

    please come along, come along and make new freinds, come along and play new games, come along just for the company, you couldn't ask for more

  • Hope To see you soon

    AVGaS, the fun place for Gamers.

    We all bring our own snacks, food and drinks but if you want refreshments, we have access to hot water for tea and coffee, though you do have to bring your own cup, milk, sugar or sweetner or neither, which ever is your preference, and tea or coffee, there is also a shop nearby, A tescos express, and a pub, The Ball and Wicket, if you fancy a break