• Where can you find us ?

    Can't Find us ?, well we'd better sort that one out.

    AVGas is easy enough to find, this page has maps and transport details on the right of the page that should help you find us easily enough, but if you need information that this page doesn't contain, feel free to send an email asking us to help find the information for you.

    We meets in the upper Hale Scout Hut, its sitiated just to the side of the green and can be reached by turning off the Upper hale Road (A3016) on to Wings Road, just up hill of the green and opposite the Ball and Wicket pub, the Hut is visible from there and you just turn down the side of the green after a short distance.

    If you have a car, thats fine, there is an unpaved car park we are allowed to use, and the door is on the same side of the Hut as the green.

    About Wednesday nights sessions, just so you know, Sometimes pressure of work can prevent people from attaneding Wednesday nights, occasionally resulting in the session being cancelled, please contact us so we can get back in contact with you if thats the case.

    We Hope to see you soon

  • The map below shows where we are, and from it you can get directions, please note that access is off of Wings raod, but Google likes Nutshell Lane for our location

  • Event Calendar