"Games"?, What do you mean "Games"?

  • What kind of games do we play ?

  • We don't mean games of chance, we don't play or allow any games that involve gambling, that's not what we're about, Mainly our club focuses on two types of games, paper and pencil roleplaying game, and table top war games, but we don't limit ourselves to them, we also play card games and board games on a fairly regular basis.

    as for what kind of role playing games, we enjoy and play clasic fantasy games like AD&D, horror and historically based games like Call of Cthulu, modern games such as Top Secret and D20 Modern and sci fi games such as star trek and star wars, on top of that, we have written our own settings to play games and some of us have even written entire game systems and setting to go with them. Role playing games are a form of escapism, allowing you to be a mystical warrior, crew of a starship, interstellar knight, a victorian explorer on another world, a hero or a criminal, the combinations are as endless as your imagination and here we beleive in the power of imagination.

    As for the table top games, mainly world war two and sci fi and fantasy base table top war games are commonly played, perhaps the most famous and well known of these would be Warhammer and its sci fi counterpart Warhammer 40,000. quite commonly the games are historical and involve reinacting or rewritting part of or an entire historical battle, its fun to see how a battle could turn out if circumstances were different. Table top games are large in scale, entire battlefeilds can be shown, letting you see how every action and reaction can change the outcome.

    When it comes to card games we play a very wide range, ranging from near comical, superhero based and monster based card games. the games most famously know are games like Yu-gi-oh, The fantasy based MAGIC and the wrestling based WWE card games, generally in addition to being games, they are often collectable card sets as well meaning many of them can be expanded on to give new game options by buying card packs that are called "booster" packs. Finally some of these games, famously MAGIC, hold tournaments that bring many players together from large areas, some even hold international tournaments allowing you to meet people from other nations and see how playing the game may differ in their nation.

    lastly there are the board games, they are so numerous its incredible, famous board games include monopoly, scrabble, cluedo and axis and allies, but there are so many more, thousands more. in general, board games are simple to play though some take a bit of getting used to, the range of the settings and styles thay have, there is one where your a robot plannning its moves to get from location to location on a map, there is another where you are an investigator fighting to stop an ancient evil coming to our world, in another you are a dwarf trying to mine gems to make your fortune. From those few examples it is easy to see how diverse such games can get, and they can be incredibly fun.

    The breif descriptions given here can't really begin to describe these games with enough accuracy to let you know just what they are really like, such descirptions could easily run to thousands of words on each type of game. So to make your life easier, the picture and their titles to the left are links which go to Wikipedia pages that will help you gain a better understanding of what is going on with these games and what they are all about.

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  • Role Playing Games
  • Roleplaying Games of this type can be likened to acting, but with no script, it is entirely at the players discretion as to how their chosen or created character acts and interacts with the world around them and the other characters.
    It doesn't always go smoothly and often the players can come up with some very intersting reactions that the poor Games master does not anticipate. well thats the peril of being a Games Master, but just as often it is also its own reward, there are wonderful gems of events, both serious and comical that make games mastering worth while.

  • Board Games
  • board games are so numerous its incredible, all involve playing peices and a board, others involve carsd and some involve dice as well, they range in style and complexity. some have settings representing places or events.
    there are so many board games around now that describing them even simply is all but impossible, but they all revolve around competing against the other players and trying to come first. Either by reaching a destination, by capturing a target of by collecting certain items, the number of possible ways to win is vast, but the fun you can have is just as unlimited.

  • Card Games
  • Card Games include not just the classic deck of cards but card games that are games by entirely unto themselves, such as Magic, Yu-gi-oh and a massive array of other. Many of them are what is called Collectable Card games, that means you can buy a basic starter set and then "booster" packs of cards which you can use to customise your stater set and make it unique to you.
    Some seem very complex and they all differ, making describing them here very difficult, but they are fairly easy to learn and can be very absorbing,they are quite popular and some even have tournaments you can enter.

  • Table Top Games
  • Table top games are usually war games, setting are as diverse as historical, fantasy, modern and even sci fi, often they involve troops being pitted against troops but games involving ships, space craft, monsters and giant robots are not unheard of, themes for them run from Lord of the rings to famou sci fi like Star trek to theme settings like steam punk or Cyber-punk. These games use minitures, often painted and cast either in a plastic or in white metal, a soft metal alloy, this helps the players visualise the events of the game as they unfold.